My First Month…

Author: Simon Micklethwaite, Senior Business Development Manager. Mint Property Finance.

“Wow! So here we are! Just over a month into my new role at Mint Property Finance, and what a whirlwind it’s been!

Following a robust business and team induction, I quickly got involved with progressing some of the inbound enquiries already coming into the existing Sales team, resulting in my first acceptance on Day 3!

It’s great to have my good friend, Steve Smith, guiding the way. Having worked together previously we know what brokers are looking for in a lender, which has led to the number and value of these enquiries exceeding all expectations, which is testament to the fact that Mint continues to be ‘open for business’, despite the challenging economic climate. All of which means it’s been great to hit the ground running and utilise my experience to further build on the business success to date.

Over the course of the last month I’ve been struck with a genuine feeling that everyone at Mint is pulling in the same direction, and I’m very pleased to say that I’ve been made to feel very welcome. There is great collaboration and rapport between the teams, especially across Sales and Underwriting, as we progress the particulars on deals. One great example is a recent case where it transpired there was an issue with a proposal, meaning it was a deal we sadly were required to decline. The due diligence that got us to that decision, over a weekend, enabled us to offer other options to the broker first thing on Monday which was honest and transparent. A welcome break from the norm for the Broker in question, that also demonstrated the team’s integrity and flexible approach to lending and which is increasing business already.

One of the other things I have had the pleasure of being involved in is the expansion of our Sales team, which has been very exciting. It shows to me that Mint continues to be ambitious, and that the business understands the serious value that a Sales team can deliver at a time when other lenders are taking less risks and reducing team sizes.

As well as this, I have been invited to take an active part in discussions around new products and services with senior leaders in the business. My input and experience in the sector has been more than welcome, and it’s refreshing to see. These are two-way conversations where I’ve felt valued and heard.

As a Sales function, we have also developed a 6-month strategy in a very short period, defining how we will work together, who we’ll speak to, and what the messaging will be. The approach is relationship-focused, which I believe is important now more than ever, and resonates with my own experience and values.

The great news from all of this is that in my first month, I have already dealt with 100+ enquiries and issued 30+ DIPs and have deals progressing with underwriting. We’re also working directly with the marketing team to simplify our messaging and products to increase market share.

I’ve loved every minute of my first month at Mint, and on a personal level, have felt re-invigorated in my role, despite some 5.30am starts and late finishes! This is largely down to the team-focused approach that allows individuals to pro-actively participate and indeed thrive in a positive working environment. I even managed to represent, to a reasonable level the company at a recent golf day.

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