Mint Property Finance invests in workplace health and wellbeing

As the UK starts to ease out of lockdown and we welcome the team back to flexible working, Mint Property Finance, is proud to launch an initiative to promote health and wellbeing at our Cheshire headquarters.

Mint’s new health and wellbeing strategy is designed to support employees, both mentally and physically, following the challenges of Covid-19. The plans, which champion wellness in the workplace, include flexible working, regular breakout sessions, access to mental health first aiders and a company-funded partnership with health plan provider Medicash, which provides employees with an extensive range of health and wellbeing benefits.

To further promote a positive working environment, we’re proud to encourage the team to regularly schedule time to chat with co-workers over a cup of tea or late afternoon drinks. Displaying random acts of kindness towards colleagues is also actively encouraged at Mint, with regular company-wide treats such as complimentary lunch deliveries, providing the perfect opportunity for the team to get together. 

Speaking on the importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace, Founder and Managing Director of Mint, Andrew Lazare, said: “After such a challenging year, employee wellbeing has to be a top priority. As part of our people first culture, we aim to support the Mint family in a number of ways from investing in a new healthcare plan to introducing everyday work practices like regular break out time and random acts of kindness to help spread a little happiness and encourage colleagues to stay connected.

“Many people have experienced high levels of stress and anxiety throughout the pandemic, whether they’ve been feeling isolated during lockdown, struggling with concerns about their health or worrying about the wellbeing of family, friends and colleagues. We all need to be mindful of the impact this can have on mental health.”

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